Resolume Arena v5.1.0 Mac中文版

Resolume Arena v5.1.0  Mac中文版
所属分类:VJ软件 系统:Mac 版本:5.1.0 最后更新:2017年02月16日

Resolume Arena v5.1.0多国语言Mac版本,这一新的版本主要功能集中在舞台视频映射。它带来的缩放,撤消/重做,切片遮罩,多边形切片,点捕捉,DMX设备输出,Blackmagic采集设备输出,有了Resolume Arena5你可以在舞台上进行任何规模的映射项目。投射在DJ展位、汽车和建筑,以及巨大的超像素映射。

Resolume Arena v5.1.0  Mac中文版


- ArtPoll and Art-Net Unicast
- Much lower memory usage when using still images and non-DXV movies
- Load images as guides for in Input and Output mapping
- Export slices to .svg

- Clip Menu Item: Strip Audio
- Type 4 space separated numerical values to enter a slice top, left, width and height coordinates
- RGBA fixture colorspace
- Maintain fixture scale and proportion when switching fixtures
- Duplicate lumiverse
- Button to toggle snapping
- Multiselect and drag slices between and within screens
- Roll over rotation range for slices
- Mouse hover popup in DMX Output window that shows the channel value as a number
- When deleting a column with an active clip, make the first clip in the column before it the active one
- When moving a Slice mask completely outside of a slice, paint the slice outline red
- When creating new fixture automatically start giving it a name

- Blackmagic output broken in 504
- Soft edge params are universal
- Resolume does not accept Art-Net messages coming from the same computer
- Twitch crashes on OSX when moving it from clip to layer or comp
- Dragging a slice to a differently sized screen adjusts the slice's output width & height
- RGBW(A) fixtures don't output the correct values.
- Apparently there is now also a RevB for the Enttec Mk2
- Unneccesary Undomanager memory increase
- Alpha dropdown does not show on DXV content with alpha when Quicktime is not installed
- Params missing from Slice multiselect
- Slices are snapped without moving the mouse
- Art-Net output already in use by different entry doesn't update its error message when the output is freed
- Preview flickers on active clip with alpha
- Massive FPS drop after loading a different preset or after undo
- 360 softedging places the blend in the entire area outside the comp
- Advanced output window covers all other system menus
- Snapping works for only for slices on the selected screen
- Enabling autopilot after clip has looped makes it jump to the target clip immediately

Resolume Arena v5.1.0  Mac中文版

- Softedge is applied on disabled slices
- SoftEdge textures dont get updated when slice is moved through params.
- DMX automap default value for Master Speed is off by 1
- Soft edge has a black line.
- Fixture is missing right click options
- Use computer name as default node name instead of "Resolume"
- Y Mirror Broken in Output
- No right click context menu for masks?
- CMD/CTRL-A in the Advanced Output gets passed to deck
- Ghost rendering when resizing slice using transformer draggers
- advanced.xml can cause Arena to crash on startup
- Duplicate plugin folders are scanned twice
- Reconnecting a clip with different length results in wrong playback speed
- X,Y controls missing when editing the points of an input mask
- Performance drops with a *lot* of slices
- Windows version loads hidden osx files as blank clips
- Clip preview is straight alpha, clip-in-layer preview is premult
- Composition bypass doesn't bypass layer routed slice
- No right click context menu for masks?
- Lumiverse output appears empty
- Fixture is missing right click options
- BPM stops when resync gets triggerd by dmx
- Can not move perspective point on output slice with keyboard arrow keys
- Stingy Sphere on a layer gets the wrong viewport values
- Time Remaining shows time till clip end, not till clip outpoint


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