QLab 3.1.17

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3.1.17 - November 10, 2015

FIXED: Critical issues with video effects stemming from improving frame sync in 3.1.16.
FIXED: Resume a group cue properly if it was paused prior to performing is action (i.e. during its pre-wait).

3.1.16 - October 29, 2015

FIXED: Improved video frame sync between displays.
FIXED: Fade cues which fade audio up from silence now correctly fade up from the minimum decibel level specified for the workspace.
FIXED: Video effects will now be applied and updated correctly on paused cues, still images, or cues that are holding on the last frame.
FIXED: Stability improvements with output from Blackmagic DeckLink devices.
FIXED: Changes to audio effect (Audio Unit) parameters now mark the workspace as edited.
FIXED: The user interface for audio effect (Audio Unit) editing is now sized correctly and updated correctly when resized.
FIXED: A regression that prevented you from clicking to select an individual cue row if it was already part of a multi-row selection.
FIXED: Layout errors in the audio patch editor when the physical device has more channels than QLab can use.
FIXED: “Jump to target” now works even if the target has no cue number.
FIXED: A race condition that could lead to a crash when setting the live text of a titles cue.
FIXED: The Tools menu sometimes showed incorrect copy & paste options for Title, Camera, and Video cues
FIXED: Various other small issues and improvements.
ADDED: You can now copy and paste video geometry from / to Fade cues using the new menu items.
ADDED: The "..." button in the Audio Levels tab of the Audio, Video, & Mic cue inspectors will now open the workspace settings when there is no device associated with the selected patch.

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