QLab官方远程控制APP:QLab Remote

QLab官方远程控制APP:QLab Remote
所属分类:手机平板软件 系统:iOS 9.0以上 版本:4.0.3 最后更新:2017年10月10日

QLab Remote是用于iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 远程控制QLab播放器,需要 iOS 9.0 或更高版本,苹果商店售价 ¥258.00

QLab Remote is the official iOS companion app for remote control of QLab, the award-winning live show control software for macOS. QLab Remote requires QLab 3 or later.
QLab官方远程控制APP:QLab Remote
Take QLab out of the booth and make changes from wherever you are. Flag cues as you sit in tech rehearsal. Adjust audio levels from the front row. Change the geometry of a video cue from the stage.

- Automatically finds any QLab workspace on the network.
- Updates in QLab are instantly reflected in QLab Remote and vice versa.
- Quickly flag and edit notes for cues.
- Easily switch between cue lists.
- Watch active cues update in real-time.
- Enable "Read-Only Mode" to follow along without worrying you'll accidentally trigger a cue.
- Edit basic properties for all cues, such as name, number, notes, color, armed, flagged, etc.
- Adjust audio levels and patches for audio, mic, and video cues.
- Change display geometry for video, text, and camera cues.
- Swipe-right to change the playback position.
- Swipe-left to access more editing options.
- Double-tap a cue to quickly edit it.
- Long-press a cue to move it in the cue list. (Requires QLab 4)



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