QLab Pro Bundle4.0.3激活版

QLab Pro Bundle4.0.3激活版
所属分类:Mac音频播放 系统:MacOS 版本:4.0.3 最后更新:2017年02月16日

专业剧场演出控制软件QLab4发布, 增强演出音视频功能外,新增强大灯光Cue。音频输入24路,输出增加到64路并且整合了QCart的控制界面,同时发现官网没有了QCart的页面。

QLab Pro Bundle4.0.3激活版QLAB 4包括一个全新的灯光Cue,一个巨大的更新QLAB远程的iOS和40项新功能。QLAB包括:


  • 无限Cue列表具有无限的Cue
  • 整合QCart触发界面,每个页面从1~64个按钮
  • 在设计编辑模式并运行你的表现显示模式
  • 非破坏性的设计工具从来没有修改的媒体文件
  • 撤消任何编辑
  • “Audition”的Cue在本地,而不发送音频,视频或照明输出到舞台
  • 提示模板和工作区模板
  • “记录提示序列”的工具,捕捉时机和以同样的方式稍后再次回放
  • “粘贴提示性”工具,有选择地从一个或多个线索性质粘贴到工作区中的其他线索
  • 文本搜索提示列表和提示推车
  • 广泛的AppleScript和OSC的API
  • 综合状态窗口指导排除故障
  • 通过强大的,无痛的远程编辑QLAB远程

Version 4.0.3更新日志:

  • QLab will now share the Art-Net port with other applications running on the same computer, if those other applications also share it (If you take advantage of this, be sure to set QLab to use broadcast mode for Art-Net in the QLab application preferences.)
  • If you specify a duration for still image video cues or text cues, that duration is now properly saved and restored
  • A bug that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when stopping a Syphon camera cue with video effects
  • An issue that could cause a flash of 100% opacity at the end of a video fade-out
  • Several bugs in "paste cue properties" aka "fancy paste"
  • Cues created via dragging from the left toolbox or the cue bar will now honor be created from the workspace cue templates
  • Light cues created via the dashboard will now honor the Light cue template for the workspace (except with the light commands specified by the dashboard)
  • Licensing: Resolved a race condition where installed licenses might not be properly recognized at launch
  • Licensing: QLab will now try harder to save license data to disk, and will warn you if it is unsuccessful
  • Licensing: Timecode triggers will now be properly unlocked for any license type
  • Licensing: If you cancel the login process that was triggered due to requesting to remove a license, QLab will not then attempt to remove the license


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