QLab Pro 4.6激活版

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QLab Pro 4.6激活版

Version 4.6:
Workspaces can now have an arbitrary number of Network cue destination patches defined in workspace Settings > Network.
Clicking on the continue column in the cue list will now show a popup menu showing the continue mode options. This is instead of clicking to cycle through the available settings, and should help prevent accidentally editing this property due to a stray click.
Support for batch editing MIDI cues.
Enhancements to the Target Cue, including support for Fancy Paste, a default name, and proper undo support.
Workspace OSC methods /workspace/{id}/settings/audio/outputChannelNames and /workspace/{id}/settings/mic/outputChannelNames which allow getting custom channel names from audio and mic output patches.
Cue OSC methods /cue/{cue_number}/secondTriggerAction and /cue/{cue_number}/secondTriggerOnRelease.
Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures: F2 FC, Opus S5, and Opus SP5 FC.
Instrument definitions for the following Chauvet fixtures: Cloud 9, Ovation CYC 1 FC, Ovation ED-200WW, Ovation H-55WW, Ovation H-265WW, Rogue R1 BeamWash, Rogue R1X Wash, Rogue R2X Wash, and Rogue R3X Wash.
Instrument definitions for the following CLF Lighting fixtures: Apollo XS, Apollo XL, Poseidon, and Serius.
Instrument definitions for the following Elation fixtures: Rayzor Beam 2R, Rayzor Q7, and Rayzor Q12.
Instrument definitions for the GLP X4 Atom PSU-6 and PSU-12.
Instrument definitions for the following High End Systems fixtures: Quad, SolaFrame 1000, SolaFrame 3000, SolaSpot 3000, SolaWash 1000, SolaWash 3000, and TurboRay.
Instrument definitions for the Martin ERA 400 Performance (CLD or WRM).
The "Send" button in the Settings tab of the Network cue inspector is now enabled when multiple cues are selected, but disabled when one or more of the selected cues is disarmed.
In the Timeline view of Group cues, integrated fade curves for cues with slices now draw more accurately.
The Timecode window now restores its location and visibility when QLab quits and restarts.
An issue that could cause QLab to become unresponsive while working with splits on multi-screen video surfaces.
A crash that could occur when editing properties of a running Fade cue.
Tabbing out of a batch edit "mixed" text field in the Inspector no longer clears the value for the selected cues.
Undo functionality now works in the Inspector while typing in Notes, MIDI cue SysEx Message, and Network cue OSC and UDP Message fields.
An issue that could cause video playback to drop frames momentarily while generating thumbnail images for the inspector for other Video cues.
The audio levels matrix now shows the correct number of decimal places on all versions of macOS.
A cosmetic issue related to clicking-and-dragging on audio level fields.
Dragging Video, Text, and Camera cue surfaces in the Display & Geometry tab creates one undo item per complete drag and drop.
Dragging a slider in the color picker of the Text cue inspector is now smoother.
The revert, undo, and redo functionality of the Light dashboard, which were broken in 4.5.
Opening certain kinds of workspaces with certain kinds of light submasters was extremely slow. Now: much better.
Scrolling now works in the UDP message text field of the Network cue inspector.
A workspace with a Network patch set to use a specific network interface no longer appears to be set to "Automatic" when opened on another machine that does not have the same network interface name.
A crash that could occur when drawing audio waveforms in the Timeline tab.
Instrument definitions for the following ETC instruments have been updated both to correct errors and to support new features: ColorSource PAR, Selador Vivid Lustr, Selador Vivid Paletta, Selador Vivid-R, Source Four LED Series 1 Lustr+, Source Four Series 1 Studio HD, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr, Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD, and Source Four LED Series 2 Tungsten HD.
Miscellaneous other bugs, some of which provide stability improvements.

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