QLab Pro 4.5.1激活版

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QLab Pro 4.5.1激活版
The Video settings panel now offers a button to open the macOS system display preferences, for your enjoyment and convenience.
Instrument definitions for the following American DJ fixtures: 15 Hex Bar IP, Encore Burst RGBW IP, Encore Burst UV IP, Entour Ice, Focus Beam LED, Focus Spot 4Z, PAR Z Move, PAR Z Move RGBW, Saber Bar 6, Starship, and Vizi Wash Z19.
Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures: SuperFly XS, Thunder Wash 100 W, 100 RGB, 600 W, 600 RGB, 600 RGBW, 600 UV, and Tribar IR series.
Instrument definitions for the GLP Impression S350 Wash, Impression X4 Bar 10, and Impression X4 Bar 20.
Instrument definitions for the Yorkville LP-LED/x bar.
The cue list playhead will now (again) be preserved when switching between cue lists.
When dragging a folder of audio into a cue list, group cues will again be created for each nested folder.
A bug that could prevent the color picker scaling slider to work when scaling a color entered via the light dashboard command line.
A bug relating to auto-targeting newly created cues.
The crash report window could sometimes be hidden behind other windows at launch. It should now always be visible.
Several issues that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly.
Errors in the instrument definitions for the CLF Lighting Conan.

兼容性: OS X 10.10或更高版本,64位处理器


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