ProPresenter激活版更新到最新 6.0.21


ProPresenter激活版更新到最新 6.0.21(15120)

ProPresenter激活版更新到最新 6.0.21
#8117 - A Contiguous playlist doesn't jump to the selected item initially
#8357 - Scheduler-Not triggering the first slide when the previous is a loop
#8384 - Cannot jump around playlist while Go to Next Timer is on
#8415 - Go To Next timer doesn't advance between documents
#8422 - Loop announcement action jumps to any item you click in library
#8424 - Go to Next timer prevents Contiguous view from moving to selected document
#8432 - Pro renaming one file causes display issues.
#8437 - Template applying to duplicate of a song
#8440 - NDI Support added to SDI Module
#8459 - Making changes to duplicate documents changes the original document


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